Get More Referrals by Educating Your Network


Within the power of your referral network is the power you need to help you grow your business. Getting better acquainted with each and every member of your network, and educating them on your business and services is imperative to getting more quality referrals.


Tips on educating your network

This isn’t as easy as it seems. Many business professionals find it challenging to walk the line between educating their network on their ideal referrals and trying to sell their services.

To ensure you are helping educate your network, consider the following techniques:

Teach your network about your dream referrals. To give out proper information about what your dream referral looks like to your network is to be as specific as possible – as we say in BNI, specific is terrific.

How being specific helps you is that it not only helps your network keep you on top of their mind when they are networking with other people, it also helps them know what your business does, so that they feel comfortable referring you.

To say this simply – the more details you can provide about your business, the easier it will be for your network to refer you.

Share the details, not the high-level view of your business. Never make the mistake of talking about your business as full-service.

Be transparent about your services. Don’t just share the things you are good at, mention the services that aren’t your strongest too. This will help your network navigate, and narrow down the referrals they think are good for you. Receiving a referral for a job you are only partially good at, and completing it, can, essentially, damage your credibility by not delivering on a promise to produce high quality work.

Make success stories a part of your networking meetings – success stories go a long way in helping you grow your business. So, have some material on hand that can adequately show your network the examples of your work. Before and after pictures and testimonials are great techniques to help your network see how good you are at what you do, and can give them specific examples to use when communicating your services to others.



The weekly BNI meetings are the opportunity you are looking for to educate your network, and give them the marketing content that they take with them for the week to find you your dream referral.
So, prepare for your meetings, show up on time each week, get to know your fellow Chapter Members well, attend necessary trainings, and participate 100%.