Why Weekly Meetings Promote the Power of Networking

Weekly Meetings Promote Power Of NetworkingSince the underlying BNI philosophy is about connecting with people, networking and giving value in order to gain, BNI constructed a business model where the members who join a chapter meet weekly. This has long been a tradition, and it’s no different at our San Marcos, Texas chapter.

Now, you might be asking yourself how is meeting weekly any different than meeting twice a month, per se. You might wonder how BNI taps into the power of networking by this simple model.

To answer those questions, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why weekly meetings are crucial for BNI’s success, and therefore yours too.

Let’s dive right into it.

  1. Spaced Repetition

Think of weekly meetings as a form of “spaced repetition”. What happens when things get repeated? You form a habit of learning and engagement, which in turn leads to success. Since there is a mountain of research on this concept, look at the 2016 Dartmouth paper published in the Journal of Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

  1. The avoidance of “benign neglect.”

Benign neglect is where relationships deteriorate over time.  Even if it is involuntary, it certainly almost always results in failing to build a long-term relationship. Weekly meetings bypass the concept of benign neglect, rendering it powerless.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Excelling at anything means practicing it until it is ingrained in the very essence of your being. Do professional athletes stop practicing when they are at the top of their game? Businessmen and women shouldn’t either. Think of our weekly meetings as the gym. It’s a place you go to every week to learn and improve your networking skills.

  1. The concept of VCP® (Visibility, Credibility, Profitability)

BNI has designed VCP® as a process of relationship building that leads to continuous referrals. So, what happens to this concept when we add the power of weekly meetings to the equation? The concept’s success multiplies and the VCP® stairs become easier to climb.

  1. Weekly Meetings form a strong habit

If you see the same people every week, would you forget them? Weekly meetings keep the members in your BNI charter on top of your mind. You already know that you will see them on your meeting day, which in turn forms the habit of incorporating your presentations and referral activity on a weekly basis. It is consistent and structured. On a side note, don’t underestimate the power of referrals while they are still hot. The longer the wait from meeting to meeting, the more they cool down.


Let’s face it, meeting weekly is a commitment. You make a commitment to exercise. You make the commitment to do all the things you continuously do. Why? Because it benefits you in one way or another. How do BNI meetings benefit you? Think of it like the CrossFit of networking. Consider your weekly BNI meetings to be your networking aerobics and make the most of your commitment.